My voice-over demos

Voice-over demos

The goal of these demos? To allow you to project yourself on an existing finished product that integrates the whole ecosystem of an audiovisual production (images, music and sound effects), in different universes and tones.

They give an idea of the range of colors I can offer you for voice-overs. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and I invite you to contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

Presenting a voice-over demo "à blanc", i.e. out of context, is a bit like serving a dish without seasoning.  

My advice: as you listen to these extracts, you should ask yourself whether the voice you hear is suitable for your project. Two points seem essential to me:

- Does the voice-over correspond to the target audience (for example, a mature female voice will rarely be appropriate if your message is aimed at an urban male aged 30-40)? 

- What tone do you want for your message? Can the actor reproduce it? Indeed, the first thing we hear is the timbre (more or less deep, with a more or less assertive personality). But it's important not to lose sight of the context in which the voice-over will be expressed. For example, not all voices can have a humorous, warm or committed tone...

All the samples presented are downloadable in MP3 format. Need a personalized voice-over demo for a current project? More info at the bottom of this page. Contact me now!

Need to project yourself? Request a personalized demo

Projecting yourself into a demo that is not your own is a bit like visiting a house that is already decorated and in which you must imagine transformations. Some people find it easier than others to transpose themselves into it. These demos allow me to illustrate the quality of my production (they were all recorded in my professional studio), my experience and the ability to modulate my voice according to the context or the message to be transmitted.

Nevertheless, I also know that beyond the very subjective feeling of liking a male voice timbre (more or less deep) or intonation, it's often much more difficult to transpose a voice-over (male or female) heard in one context, to another, in a potentially very different sector.

That's why I propose therecording of personalized demos. You send me a script and I will try out a part of it (often about 30 seconds). You can then get a clearer picture of how my voice will fit into your project. 

This personalized demo approach is very common. It allows you to have a first look at the potential rendering. Of course you are not committed to anything. The objective is to be able to confirm you in your choice and to begin a collaboration in the best dispositions. Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can talk about your project.

Need to hear more voiceover demos?

The leads I present on the site are far from exhaustive, especially as some materials are not intended for web distribution. If you have an advertising project, I think you'll find a wide enough range of references to give you a good idea. If your project consists of a telephone switchboard message, it's likely to be less meaningful for you. In any case, you can also contact me and I'll send you other demos better targeted to your needs.

Choosing a voice-over

We're far more used to selecting an image than an intonation. When we focus our attention too long on a specific point, such as the sound of the most appropriate voice for our project, we often end up losing our bearings. Voice is a very specific element. Trust yourself. If what you hear in a demo catches your attention, awakens your interest, it's because it has potentially relevant characteristics. If the timbre matches your target, then the best thing to do is to get in touch and talk (face-to-face).

A project in progress?