My professional voice over studio

My voice-over studio - The "Good vibes only" room

When it comes to voice-overs, the equipment and configuration of the recording studio have a real impact onthe quality of productions and the comfort of collaboration.

Since most of my recordings are done remotely, directly from my own studio, I've spent over 10 years designing and improving it to achieve the perfect balance.

Comfort and quality have been the key words in building this tailor-made studio over the years, so you can record your voice-overs with total efficiency and peace of mind.

  • A dedicated soundproof booth for recordings without external disturbances.
  • Top-of-the-range equipment to capture and produce high-quality sound.
  • 1 Gbps symmetrical Internet connection for smooth, uninterrupted online sessions

My equipment

Acoustic booth

Demvox ECO 100

The Demvox ECO 100 booth is designed for voice and speech recording (voice-over). It is a professional soundproof booth with acoustic treatment.

Sound card & Preamp

Fireface UC - Manley Core

The best equipment could not reveal its qualities without a preamp and a sound card allowing a faithful reproduction of the voice. 


Manley Reference Cardioid

This reference microphone allows the voice to be transmitted in all its details. It is ideal for the voice to stand out in a mix.


Beyerdynamic DT-770

More than an accessory, the quality of the headset is essential in voice-over recording. It guarantees a final audio quality that is faithful to the initial tone.

A professional studio for your voice-over

The quality of the recording studio is an essential element to take into account, for the quality of the final production, in particular to guarantee quality post-production.

I've been fine-tuning this professional recording studio over several years, so that it perfectly meets my needs and your expectations. 10 years of testing and continuous improvement to make it the perfect recording studio for my voice. 

It meets the Broadcast (TV broadcast) standards. All the demos on this site were recorded there. 

Designed for work in sync with the image (37′ screen and tablet), and equipped with a symmetrical 1 Gbps fiber optic connection for work without interruption or latency, this is a true high-end studio.

Live voice-over recordings

SessionLinkPro logo Source Connect logo Zoom logo Skype logo

Would you like to follow and guide the recording of your voice-over live?

Nothing could be simpler than having SessionLink Pro, Source Connect, Zoom or Skype, allowing you to record directly from your studio, as if I were there with you.

A liverecording session is a great way to move forward in a coordinated manner on your voiceover project.

This mode of collaboration allows you to actively participate in the voice creation process, and avoids the need to go back and forth by e-mail. It's a fast and efficient solution, allowing you to record an average of 3 takes of a 2-minute motion design in 45 minutes.

The principle is simple: If you're an advertising agency, video production company, independent director, etc., we connect via the classic Zoom, Teams or Skype software (the studio's own connection makes it very fluid). If you're a recording studio, we use Source Connect, Source connect Now, Session Link Pro, CleanFeed, ipDTL,...

It's best to send me your script before the session so that the session can be as proactive as possible. You'll then be able to give me your directions live, and you'll be able to see the results, make adjustments to tone, etc. It's also possible to organize a session with video monitoring, with the presence of a sound engineer.

As you can see, everything is planned so that I can adapt to your preference in terms of organization.

Of course, if a specific project absolutely requires a recording in another location, this is still possible.

A project in progress?