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  • TV and radio commercial
  • web video
  • e-learning
  • phone prompt
  • explainer video
  • audioguide

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Do you expect the voice-over to be?

Listening to you

You've spent a lot of time designing your project and you're looking for a voice-over partner who understands your issues.

Efficient and reliable

Available when you need it, and able to deliver your recording on time. Or a last minute retake to deliver your project on time


Which offers you different versions consistent with your project or integrates your directions in a wink of an eye in a live session

This is how I can help you

Before recording the voice-over, there's your project.

My role? To understand the essence of your production and offer you a voice-over recording that is consistent with all the elements of your production.

Concept, images, animation, sound design, music etc.

Work with me?
Why do you want to work with me?

Comédien voix off homme professionnel, expérimenté, je mets à votre service plus de 10 ans d’expérience dans l’enregistrement pour sublimer votre travail.

My dual mission

1. Helping you choose the right interpretation for your project

2. Deliver a recording that will add value to your production

Professional studio recording

Your project deserves a voice over recording that meets the highest quality standards

My commitments for a 100% successful voice-over collaboration

Uncompromising availability

Absolute confidence! I am available daily and all year round - even during the summer and Christmas

10 years of online experience

Serving brands big, small and up-and-coming, for their videos, ads and e-learning.

Personalized support

With my exclusive tool "The Creative Memo": tips and tricks to prepare your voice-over brief

A high-end studio

Tailor-made with quality and recognized equipment to record in the best conditions

Your male voice-over recording is available in 3 modes:

On my own

Recording from my studio

Help you design your voice-over brief with the "Creative Memo".

Delivery of 2 versions minimum

Delivery in 24 hours


Live recording

By SessionLink Pro, Source Connect, Zoom, Google Meet or Skype

Delivery of the session

Live and video

Recording and monitoring of the production

With sound engineer

Real-time playback and video viewing via Zoom

Delivery of all selected outlets

Learn more

If you would like me to work on your voice-over project independently, I need you to provide me with a script (in pdf or doc format) with as many elements as possible so that I can fully understand the role and place of voice-over in your project (e.g. storyboard, music, preview, etc.).

Together, we set the desired tone (essential for starting the recording): either through a telephone interview, or using the "Creative Memo".

I start the recording session and send you a short demo with 2 or 3 tone suggestions. Once you've validated a track, I proceed with the complete recording and deliver the finalized project.

Perfect if you have a clear vision of the project and the desired tone.

In "live" voice-over recording mode, we agree on a time slot for the recording session.

At the beginning of the session, we discuss your project, the objectives, the brief,... After a first reading of the script, we adjust the tone and the timbre (important point for a male voice-over) before proceeding to the recording of the different takes and desired options. Then I deliver the takes after recording (unless you are a studio and you record directly during the session).

This mode allows you to build the project by exchanging directly and can be very interesting if you have not completely decided on your choices.

Finally, in "live and video" mode, a sound engineer manages the session and records it via SessionLink Pro.

A Zoom link allows you to visualize and control in real time the different shots made.

This mode offers an immersive live experience, as if we were all in the same space.

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