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Frequently asked questions

You may have questions about your voice-over project. I've tried to give you the information I'm usually asked for on the pages of this site. Below you'll find some additional information. Of course, each project is unique, and nothing beats a direct discussion. Please do not hesitate to contact me via the form or by phone. If I'm in a recording session, I won't be able to get back to you immediately, but I'll check in with you daily so that I can get back to you as soon as possible (usually within the day).

What information do I need to record your voiceover?

The essential: a validated text in Word, Excel or PDF format!

Bonus: all elements of the production - story/brand values, storyboard, preview, music...

I've also developed the "Creative Memo", which I send you before the start of a project. It's a document designed to frame the recording of your voice-over as precisely and creatively as possible.

How quickly do you receive your voice-over quote?

My voice-over rates are based on a clear schedule. Once you've given me the necessary information, I'll get back to you very quickly with a price for the service. You'll usually receive your quote within a day. If we talk on the phone, it's even instantaneous.

What are my voice-over rates? Invoice or fee?

The price of a voice-over service in my studio is defined according to each project and depends on several factors, including :

The type of recording: advertising, video, motion, design, e-learning, telephony...

The number of words and the number of elements to be delivered: for example, 2 videos, one of 234 words and the other of 345 words.

Planned distribution: Internal, organic Internet, paid Internet (pre-roll, etc.), television, radio, etc.

Duration of rights of use and distribution for advertising purposes (Which media? In which territories? For how long?): for example, TV - France - 1 year.

The post-production required for deliverables: for example, in the case of voice-over narration for e-learning modules or audio guides, specific interventions may be required (cutting into individual files, number of files to be delivered, etc.).

As I am resident in Spain, my services are invoiced exclusive of VAT if you provide me with a valid intra-community VAT number (otherwise, the Spanish VAT rate of 21% applies).

Note: respectful of my profession, for advertising projects with national TV, radio and Internet broadcasting, the invoice equivalent of the usual studio rates in Paris are applied.

How do I get a voice-over demo?

All the voice-over demos available on my website can be downloaded by clicking on "Download MP3". I can also record a personalized demo on request! 

Can I travel?

I love the comfort of my professional recording studio, specially set up for voice-over sessions, and I also like to get out of it from time to time. So I'd love to visit you. I also work in partnership with the Mediasound studio in Madrid.

Voice-over recording on your own or a guided session?

I would say "Directed session". Because my voice-over acting will be richer with the directions you give me, because you'll have immediate control over your production and because with today's ultra-fast internet connections, it feels like we're in the same studio.

For an autonomous recording, I have created a tool called "The Creative Memo" to prepare your voice-over brief. The aim: to be as qualitative and efficient as possible.